Why It Is More Important Than Ever to Support Local Business

2 July 2020

As we slowly exit the mandated shut down, there is great uncertainty surrounding the state of the economy. Not only will tourism be restricted due to government provisions, but those who do come will have the same economic restraints we all find ourselves in as a reflection of the COVID-19 quarantine.

This is why supporting local, in every way, is crucial to your community’s economic rebound. Customers can support businesses by choosing to shop, eat, contract services, locally, and businesses can demonstrate their value back by implementing discounts or offers directed at their communities.

This symbiotic relationship allows for both the customer and the business to thrive upon reentering the economy.

For those companies that have still operated throughout the stay at home order; there are still many opportunities to remind your local community of the essential service you continuously provided while restricted by limited staff, hours, and resources. Capitalize on those relationships you build with the community.

The value of Prince George’s County is paramount to the relationship between individuals in Maryland, it is also a foundation on which local businesses and their communities interact on the island. This is what makes the shop local movement so unique here.

We at Boss Business Local Initiative are dedicated to providing a platform and resources that allow Prince George’s County local economies to strongly face this period of transition.


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