I Want to Support Local Businesses

2 July 2020

For the first time in months, the state of Maryland no longer feels like it’s standing still. Local businesses are reopening, recreational activities are being approved, beaches, parks, and highways are allowing more traffic; everything is slowly starting to feel a little more normal.

However, there is still a lot of fear that surrounds enjoying the day-to-day. While many are returning to work, they are required to adhere to strict safety measures; and the rest are still unable to return to their jobs.

The sentiment of wanting to support local businesses can easily be beaten by the fear of the unknown. Fortunately, we live in a state that values community. Many local businesses are either continuing services they created as a response to the pandemic, or they are adopting new Prince George’s County promotions to welcome their customers back.

Small businesses employ around 51% of Maryland’s, we can support each other in a variety of different ways, but here is what we have found to be the most effective.

  • Taking advantage of special offers or promotions businesses in your area might be running.
  • Practicing proper social distance and safety measures when interacting with employees or managers of an establishment.
  • Signing up for any newsletters or mailing lists for local companies.

A lot of your favorite establishments and services across Maryland need your help right now. As the Governor and Mayors roll-out a reopening strategy, Boss Business Local Initiative can promise we will continue to provide you with the most up-to-date, effective, and relevant information on how you can take action.


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