How Can You Stay Safe While Shopping

2 July 2020

While we may have had an idea at the beginning of the pandemic; no one could have predicted the scale or intensity of which the state of Maryland had to shut down in order to protect our communities.

Now that the state’s economy is slowly opening up businesses of different risk levels across the state of Maryland, the greatest question remains: How can we support local business while keeping ourselves and our families safe?

 Many of the leading health organizations across the world have compiled guidelines and shortlists of safety practices, we at Boss Business Local wanted to make sure that you had all this important information at your fingertips, along with how this may look in Maryland versus other states and countries around the world.

When it comes to patronizing a business, make sure that you are following the essential checklist:

  1. Mask
  2. Social Distance
  3. Disinfectant

Masks are important to keeping your family, the business you are entering or interacting with, and yourself safe. The CDC recommends everyone over the age of 2 wear a cloth mask that covers your nose and mouth, securing it under your chin, as well as being tight to the sides of your face but still allow you to breathe with ease.

The CDC also recommends that you wash your hands before placing the mask on, do not let it rub against your neck or your forehead, and to wash it after every use either in the washing machine or hand washing using a bleach solution. 

If you are unsure if a mask you may have bought or one you have made meets the CDC guidelines, they have compiled a step-by-step guide on crafting one of your own.

Social distancing practices are paramount to your safety when entering any place of business. The State of Maryland has implored citizens to strictly adhere to the social distancing guidelines, so it is paramount you have a proper understanding of what this broadly used term means.

The American Red Cross details that social distancing means keeping at least six feet away from others, avoid gathering in groups, Maryland specifies limiting gatherings to household members only, and staying out of heavily crowded areas.

Lastly, in order to be as safe as possible when supporting local businesses, be sure that you and the establishment you are entering are properly using disinfectant. For yourself this means making sure that you are washing your hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds, that you are using sanitizers, and that you make sure that you stay away from those who are not practicing proper sanitation themselves. The World Health Organization provides a list of personal safety guidelines, which includes methods on using alcohol-based sanitizer here.

When you enter a business, notice if they are practicing proper precautions themselves. The CDC outlines that facilities should be disinfecting surfaces frequently with either a mixture of soap, water, and disinfectant, or a highly concentrated disinfectant, as well as making sure that sick employees stay home.

The greatest way to protect yourself is being educated about what you can do as well as what the company you are giving business to can do to maintain the health and safety of the community. The shop local movement which serves as the backbone to Boss Business Local Initiative, is powered by the relationship between local businesses and their community.

It is important that we focus on supporting our local establishments and that we are keeping each other safe by doing our part.


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