Get Creative with Your Advertising

2 July 2020

I think everyone has found themselves at one point or another scrolling through their phone aimlessly, allowing funny pictures, photos from someone’s vacation, cooking videos, and articles linking to top 10 lists, to wash over them. I know for a fact I have.

In the midst of these uncertain times, local businesses have been forced to adapt. We have seen a shift across the entire state of Maryland in how companies are operating, interacting with customers, and advertising.

 The Boss Business Local Initiative has noticed that the greatest success local businesses are having is when they maximize their presence online, because everyone is on their phones right now. While beaches have opened up and things are returning to a more normal day to day the fact remains: everyone has a lot of time on their hands and the biggest time killer is the internet.

Local businesses that get creative in the way they market and interact with customers online, are the ones who are seeing the greatest return upon reopening their establishments or expanding their services. 

Advertising online has also never been cheaper! Facebook ads utilize the most advanced algorithms to optimize the audience your ad reaches, and they are as expensive as you want them to be! Set your budget and watch traffic roll in. 

Google My Business ads are also extremely effective right now for driving traffic to your business website. They are great because through the information taken from your Google My Business listing, potential customers have all the information to find and contact you.

 Other social media like Instagram is great for businesses like boutiques, restaurants, and salons. Running a promotional post is a great way to showcase a portfolio of your products or service. 

All these tools are at your disposal and are a great way to make sure you are constantly top of mind when it comes to potential and existing clientele. By optimizing the content, being engaging, and frequently advertising, you will enter this new economy with an expansive customer-base.


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