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Valor Home – Roofing | Window | Bathroom Remodel

4640 Forbes Blvd Suite 110, Lanham, MD 20706, USA

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    Craig Gormus
    October 29, 2020

    Valor Roofing and Exteriors installed a new roof on my home just in time for the harsh winter ahead. Valor Roofing is not only super easy to work with, the work was completed in one day. I highly recommend them for your next project. Valor went above and beyond what I expected and the new roof is beautiful! The choice is clear if you have a need because Valor also gives back to our deserving Veterans with The "Raise a Roof" Program. Four times a year a deserving Veteran is selected to receive a new roof at no charge. I highly recommend Valor Roofing!

    Laura Carter
    August 27, 2022

    We had a great experience with a quote for window replacement with Mr. Williams yesterday. He was prompt, professional, thorough, and friendly. I also loved hearing about the history of the company and their focus on supporting vets (my family is all military). We will definitely hire them in the future!

    Will Fink
    July 23, 2018

    While the crew worked hard and did well on the broad strokes, they were terrible when it came to the details - the parts that actually make a roof weatherproof and long-lasting. When they left, my home WASN'T weatherproof. They were also slovenly. I worked in the industry for more than a decade, and if I had ever left a job site in similar condition I would have been fired on the spot. I had to sweep my yard myself each of the three days they worked for nails and debris. I picked up trash from their lunch. When they left for the last time, they threw a coke can in my yard. I had to move tools and debris to get out my door. Just silly nonsense. The first night they worked, they left one of their trucks in my driveway. If they had asked, I would have been fine with it and would have directed them where to park so as not to block us in (or out). I didn't even know they had rolled out. I don't really have high exceptions, but come on. Just a little courtesy and communication is all it takes. When I pointed out mistakes they had made in their roofing work, the crew-leader tried to bluff me. After explaining my background, he admitted it needed to be fixed. What would other people do if they just took the crews word, or never went on the roof to inspect? They up-charged me because I had put some rolled roofing on a small 20 sq. ft. area (due to leaking), this meant it had 3 layers (though one was obviously temporary). They said it was 4. I understand that the contract only covered removal of 2 layers - but considering that more than half of the rest of the house was only 1 layer, this could have just been a wash. They made a massive deal out of it, but of course not until after they had already removed all materials from the area in question. There are still items I need to fix, as ultimately I told the crew it was 'good enough' because I was tired of dealing with them, and they made it clear they didn't want to be there and could have cared less about doing a thorough and professional job. Frankly I didn't trust them to get it done anyway. Many promises were made by the salesman - one of which was the Foreman would be on the job at all times unless making a materials run. I didn't meet him until he came to collect the check. All the above issues are why you have a foreman onsite to supervise. I shouldn't have to nag a professional roofing crew after the fact to do a complete job. It's clear their tactic is to slam out the work as quickly as possible, and then deal with inevitable leaks later "under warranty". I feel sorry for anyone who has gotten roof work from Valor without a background in construction. Honor and integrity - right. Attached are a few pics as examples, but I have many more... UPDATE: Spreading tarps on my new roof...that wasn't leaking at all prior to Valor replacing it. Drywall around my bedroom window is soaked through and will need to be replaced. Water coming in on the inside of my front door...good times.

    Mark Warner
    March 03, 2022

    Fantastic experience with Valor Roofing! We had 5 estimates done and this was the only company that actually shows you everything they plan to do and how it's going to be done. They were here exactly when they promised and the job was completed in one day. The roof looks great!! Can not say enough great things about our experience. They fact they are veteran owned and the veteran charities they support helped in our decision. Also, their estimate was lower than the other four companies, all of which were 5-star rated companies.

    Jamie Karl
    September 09, 2020

    - When materials were delivered on 8/27, my sidewalk was cracked and I still haven't heard from anyone as an insurance claim "was filed" - Also driver of material delivery truck urinated at the dead end part of the street with me watching from my porch. - No project manager on site during project as there was a language barrier with myself and the workers - Broken solar light left on porch, was not informed that they broke it - No magnet was used to pick up nails from work areas, husband picked up all nails in picture. The first row of nails were visible with own eyes in my DRIVEWAYS. Back row was collected after husband bought magnet and cleaned up our own site. - No apology, no excuses, nothing....

    Valor Home – Roofing | Window | Bathroom Remodel

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    4640 Forbes Blvd Suite 110, Lanham, MD 20706, USA


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