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    Cathy Price
    August 12, 2022

    Update 8.11.22(pic on right): I've gone back a couple times. Service was not the same. I am disappointed that each time my nail bed is damage by the tool. She is so focus on getting through the process my outcomes are becoming less than my original experience. I do not think I will return. I'll just grow out the acrylic. -------------------- Ann...Ann! (Pic on left) I wanted a fullset of gel French manicure for a wedding. I had my nails done at another salon. It wasn't what I wanted or envisioned. They were extremely thick and started lifting. I watch Ann do magic before my eyes. She removed every ounce of the previous manicure and gave me exactly what I desired. Beautifully outcome. Thanks Ann. I will be a return customer. Happy customer.

    Mikhaela Mari
    July 27, 2021

    I went to go get my acrylics off so that I can give my natural nails a break. The lady proceeded to pry the acrylics off of my nails and cut so deep, along with my skin, I bled on my thumb. She noticed way before I did but proceeded to work on my other finger until I noticed that my thumb hurt and when I pulled my thumb towards me I told her it was bleeding to which she just said “oh” and got ointment and slapped it on to just then continue prying the acrylics off of my hand. This time I asked her why she’s not soaking the acrylics off as she should have and her response is was “This is to take them off faster.” She saw my reaction and immediately got a bowl and filled it with acetone to then proceeded to dunk my hands in them. Mind you, My thumb is already bleeding. SHE PLANNED TO SOAK AN OPEN WOUND ON ACETONE! Not only was that bad enough. But she immediately left me unattended. I had to leave. This is a violation of safety and courtesy of a client. Now reflecting back at it, I never saw her sanitize any of the instruments she used. God forbid, something were to happen to my finger nor my hand or my health because of their unsanitary practice, I am pressing charges!

    Nicole Handy
    August 01, 2022

    Customer for a year. I’m not picky but when you get a tech that takes 4 hours for a basic pedi and gel manicure I was concerned. What set me off is the last tech refused to put the color i choose on me. Then had a attitude. They aren’t appreciate our money. Lost a customer for life. About 3 or 4 techs that are good but they are booked

    Aisha Parker
    October 02, 2021

    i usually come to this place and theres never really a problem. but yesterday was the worse service i had. my mom and i went and we asked for a regular manipedi and regular nail polish w/ clear gel. the front desk person kept trying to convince us for a gel manicure and we kept saying no. once we were seated, i was moved along to the nail tech and masseuse. keep in mind that the place was busy. she seemed like she was rushing me and was moving at a fast pass. she was speaking fast and i asked her to repeat herself and she had an attitude. once the massage was done, she moved me to the nail chair. while she was doing my nails, she cut my cuticles to the start of my skin. i kept wincing and she heard me, but she didnt change what she was doing, she just said “oh” and kept on moving. she did this to 7 fingers and just slapped some antiseptic on them while making me dip them in acetone on open skin. then she left me for 15 minutes so she could handle someone else. i am appalled by the service and i will never come back. i only came for the convenience but i will be going somewhere else now.

    colleen kelley
    August 26, 2022

    I went to this salon to have a gel manicure in October of 2021. The manicurist not only did a horrible job, the gel started flaking around the edges after 4 days. Within a week I had to go to my regular salon to have the gels removed they were such a mess. After soaking my nails for 45 min the gel wouldn't come off. They had to grind it off w the file used to smooth acrylic nails. Then they had to literally scrape off what remained. It was really painful and I still have a deep ridges on both of my thumb nails that probably won't grow out until October of this year! My nail beds were damaged and I had to cut my nails constantly for 6 mos after because they were breaking off as a result of the damage, and I take biotin every day. The reception staff was rude upon my arrival and departure. Do yourself a favor and do not go to this salon. I wouldn't return if they were the last salon on the planet.

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