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14332 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA

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    Roxanne Corbin
    May 07, 2022

    Respectful staff and technicians. Good to know they can take care of every aspect of pest control, including sealing cracks and replacing insulation to prevent entry.

    Valkyrie Loenichen
    April 20, 2022

    The service specialists were absolutely pleasant. Even though I completely forgot about the service occurring on that day, I was still able to talk with them and they still completed outdoor services.

    Debra Pierce
    June 06, 2020

    Well this is part two of my review and the squirrels are gone and the insulation is in. What a difference T.A.P. makes. The temperature in the house is more comfy without the cooling system not working overtime. Thanks to Elmore, Wayne and the entire Lambright crew for an outstanding job of assessing the job complete with photos of the damage, removing and reinstalling insulation in my attic and the challenging work of getting very determined squirrels out of the attic. Special thanks to Wayne for his calming reassurances and going the extra mile. Mr. Lambright promised me we would be happy with the finished work and he was absolutely right. I would highly recommend Lambright Pest Control for getting rid of wildlife in your attic and doing great insulation work. Keep up the good work.

    Cee Short
    July 15, 2021

    This review is based upon an initial appointment only. I did not move forward with the services. I called this company based on the other good reviews. My issue was to address noises in my attic (suspected mice but still not sure). I previously had a bat issue but that was previously addressed a year ago with a wildlife company. When the tech/sales rep showed up, I knew it would be more of a sales pitch as opposed to addressing my issues. He showed up in a company car, as opposed to the usual utility truck full of equipment so I suspected this was all about sales. I thought I would get an assessment of the attic, however he only poked his head up there and said because he did not see bats hanging from the rafters so it is mice. Confused by this but I said ok. Then he proceeds to ask me several questions about my insulation... when did I get it done, what company did I use, how much did it cost? etc. What does this have to do with getting the mice out. After asking those questions he then tells me he could write up an assessment to remove the bat droppings to be covered by my insurance company. Ok? again not addressing my current issue with the supposed mice. After the inspection of the rest of my house, he says I will need to remove the current insulation, seal the attic from the inside and get new insulation, and on top of that I will need to get leaf guards. He recommends all this (work around $9,000) just from poking his head in the attic. He quoted me without measurements. I asked how they were getting in, he first says they climb up the brick and go into whatever opening. Then I asked why I needed to do the leaf guards, he says the mice are using the downsprouts & gutters to gain access, so which one is it? Then when I asked about sealing up the attic from the inside as opposed to addressing the outside openings, he said that was the only way to ensure they will not get back in and they can't ensure they addressed all openings since the current insulation may be blocking any openings they can't see. I told him that only sealing the inside of the attic still will not ensure they won't get in the house from the outside openings and possibly go down in the wall cavities instead. So I asked what if I did the attic insulation only without the leaf guards, the tech says that would only guarantee 85% that they wont return. Really? So they want me to pay $6700 to re-insulate my attic just for 85% success probability and that the only way to ensure it would work at 100% is to get $2700 leaf guards? All sales pitch. I asked why I am only hearing them in one part of the attic, he says it's because I spend most of my time in that area of the house. Really???? As if I live in this huge house and don't spend time in the other rooms of my house (and my house is small). Lastly, when I explained that I could not afford that work and asked for cheaper solutions such as just exterminating the ones that are currently up there, he would not explore those options with me and said it would be a waste. Wow. I get that it is a short term solution but what happened to giving the customer what they are asking for? But yet he tried to sign me up for regular pest control services although that was not my current need.

    Brandon Powell
    May 31, 2021

    We didn't actually end up going with what was estimated, but with the level of professionalism, courtesy, and service we received, we'd feel very confident going forward in the future. It just so happens that I'm pretty handy, and when I was told the estimate, I decided to save a few hundred and fix it myself. I'm only giving 4 starts because I can't vouch for the level of service of someone that actually paid them to complete a job. Plus the estimate seemed a little on the high side. I will keep them in mind in the future.

    Lambright Pest Control Services Inc

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    14332 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA


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