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    NaeNae G
    July 16, 2023

    First time at this location to continue my swin lessons. When I arrived they had ppl wkout, excise class, ppl playin basketball with all types good of music and TVs as well. Great place to wkout plus my swin instructor was sooo awesome and pleasant. She taught me how to not be afraid to put my face in the water and breath. I like how she didn't push me just let me do it at my own pace. Too bad she was my temporary instructor today. I kno I wud do great w/her lessons. I definitely wudnt leave w/o sayin her name is Deja...🏊👍😊

    Mr Jackson
    April 26, 2023

    The men's shower area is consistently filthy. Shower hooks are missing, soap dispensers are broken, mold/mildew on the walls. Management is clearly not reviewing the cleanliness. I complained to someone who identified himself as a manager ironically as he was in the locker room. He didn't even go to look at the shower area. It is really an ongoing problem that is not being addressed. One of the shower drains had an awful smell. Myself and other members literally have to clean the areas before use. Cleaning supplies are left around apparently for this purpose.

    Alex M
    July 06, 2023

    The staff are perfectly nice, and they seem to try… but the issue with this place is more about equipment condition and the clientele. I see equipment go months without being fixed, and when I’ve mentioned it it stays broken anyway. This place has a lot of over-aggressive dudes who are more concerned with filming their light weight barbell curls than actually training. I’ve gotten into multiple shouting matches and arguments with dudes with small calves trying to flex. Idk what’s with the pathetic low masculine energy here, but I’m not for it. They get real loud but no action. I’ve been asked to “Step outside” multiple times LOL this is an LA Fitness my dude, what are we doing? This place costs $50 a month, nobody here is that hard they’re about to throw hands outside the Smoothie King smh. My issue is, I’ve never seen the staff on the floor moving weights or walking around; not once. I pay to go here… if a patron is losing their mind because they just smelled their first preworkout and benched 135 for the first time, that’s the staff’s problem, not mine. This gym responds to issues with a lot of apathy. If I had any other option I would go literally anywhere else to train. But since I don’t, I have to deal with it. Luckily I’m a bigger dude who can handle his business. I would NEVER recommend a woman come here. My girlfriend has attended without me a few times and been harassed by drunk old dudes from the liquor store next door, and approached by lonely old dudes trying to spit at her. She’s since cancelled her membership, and I support her. I’m sure right below this, if I get a response, it will be half hearted copy-paste “thank you for your feedback” wimpy wishy washy trash. Do better LA Fitness.

    Florence Brown
    June 08, 2023

    LA Fitness used to be a favorite of mine, but lately, it has been a disappointing experience. The lack of cleanliness and delayed repairs have become major issues. It's been over a month since they promised to fix the jacuzzi, and now there's no hot water. Communication with members has been nonexistent. The men's shower area is consistently filthy, with broken hooks and soap dispensers, and mold/mildew on the walls. The ongoing problem is simply not being addressed.

    April 25, 2023

    Decent gym but I have a big problem with the DJ who comes on Monday evenings. The DJ's music is fine, just way too loud. I just like my own workout Playlist (as do 75% of the other patrons with headphones) but I have to max out my music to hear it when the DJ is there and my ears ring for a long time after I get home. LA Fitness, please just turn the DJ's music volume to the same volume it is the rest of the time. Monday nights are one if my few consistent workout nights and I don't want any more ringing ears.

    LA Fitness

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