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Indian Head Animal Hospital

10909 Indian Head Hwy, Fort Washington, MD 20744, USA

About Indian Head Animal Hospital

4.7 / 5

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    Erica Payne-Santiago
    November 24, 2021

    I've been bringing my animals here for 20 years. Best in the business! Tried another Veterinarian and was not ecstatic. Indian Head Animal Hospital has all the latest equipment, 1st in the area to offer Lazer surgery, clean, welcoming, has an app, an online portal, organzied, and responsive. I won't take my furry baby anywhere else.

    Shelby Wease
    July 04, 2022

    Absolutely wonderful place! They love and care about your fur baby just like you do! They were even honest about a vaccine my dog no longer needed instead of just taking my money! Highly recommend this team for your pet's needs

    Mayra Fernández-Martínez
    July 06, 2022

    I had been going to this hospital since a child in the early 2000's. I have not been since around 2019 until bringing my cat for the first time yesterday. It used to have a family run, small business feel that really cared for the community of pet owners they were serving. Yesterday, I realized just how much things have changed for the worse here. This place has become all about overcharging with minimal/no service provided by the vet. I will say, the front desk staff are very pleasant and the vet assistants were pleasant as well. What I am complaining about has nothing to do with them as they did their job and did it correctly and with a smile on their face. Thank you all for what you do. My main concern is the vet they have. The prices here are outrageous. They keep the prices nice and hidden and mention no prices while offering extra services. Everything felt like a scam. $20 to get nails clipped. $70 to run a fecal matter sample. $90 for a the vet to "examine" my cat when all she did was put a stethoscope on his chest for 2 seconds and folded his ears back. She was not warm or welcoming to my cat and was very aggressive and thus, my cat became aggressive and defensive. She asked the assistant to assist which he did not and called another assistant in that only assisted with the vet putting his rabies vaccine in. There was no check up. Of his abdominal area. Of his eyes. Of his nose. She had the audacity to tell me that she checked his teeth when he was hissing and they seemed fine. Obviously with the excuse of him acting defensively. You would think they could take control of the situation with a cat that wasn't even trying to scratch anyone nor did he scratch anyone, he was just hissing. His behavior did not justify a complete disregard for the service of his check up. This mediocre check would have been overlooked had the service been charged $40-50...but I was charged $90 for the "professional vet" to tell me she checked his teeth when he was hissing and they were fine. Not to mention the over charge of the vaccination itself. You can get these vaccines anywhere else at $15-20 which is how much I paid for his initial shots when I was adopting him. When she mentioned he needed another shot, it was never mentioned the price was $50. Very secretive and scam like. With the average being $15-20 everywhere else, I did not even think to ask for the price. My jaw dropped when the total was provided upon check out. Understanding that this is no fault of the front desk employees, I chose not to pick a fight with them as they were just doing their job. However, I am undergoing a dispute for a refund for at least the exam portion of my visit as I was absolutely bamboozled and scammed out of $90 and overcharged by $30 for a vaccine. I do not recommend this place. It has become a scam and a joke of a facility. They think by offering you small bottles of deer park water, it justifies these insane prices that absolutely take advantage of pet owners in the area, including myself. Go to Benfield instead.

    Katerina Zindulkova
    August 16, 2022

    I recently moved from Northern VA and based on the great reviews, I was excited to switch to Indian Head Animal Hospital. Unfortunately, my experience hasn't been awesome so far. For the first visit, I brought my dog for the anual shots. They were probably distributed, but the staff didn't put it in the system. I cought in next month, when I received notification that my dog is overdue for his shots. They gave him the shots again to be safe. Was it safe for him? I'm not sure. Other than that, the staff and the doctor seemed nice. And one thing that will probably bother me long term, is the fact that they won't provide the meds prescriptions to Chewy. I like to get the thick and flea meds from them and now I have to mail the prescription, or go pick it up from the office for little higher price.

    Cheryl Johnson
    January 15, 2022

    I am very happy to have come into contact with Indianhead. Not only is it near me but the service and care of my pet was superb. I have a new puppy and the staff obviously love animals but they were very personal and thorough with the information they provided to me. I have a cat which will now also be brought to them for her care. Thank you for doing your job very well

    Indian Head Animal Hospital

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