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    BBQ Mike
    May 19, 2022

    I found Highway Veterinary Hospital when my kitty Chewy got outside and had a fight with a cat that was outside. The cat bit him behind the ear and created an abscess. I took him in and was instantly impressed with the personal attention and warmness they showed Chewy. I knew they were terrific. Dr. Megan was clear with his treatment and Nurses Kayla, Michelle, and Dannielle took such good care of him while he had his abscess drained. I took him back for a follow up and he had to have sutures to close the wound up after the cleaned it. I knew then I had found a new health provider in the way they handled Chewy. It was the longest he had been away from home since he was a stray when I took him in. I am so happy with the staff and look forward to once I can find a playmate for Chewy and take him or her in for its needs. When you find a hospital that is so personal and treat your pets as their own, you know you have found the health provider for your fur babies. 😇 Mike

    Tara Wahle
    May 29, 2022

    Kyle at the front desk is always upbeat and awesome to speak with. Jesse and Donna are TOP NOTCH nurses and I trust their input 100% to keep pets healthy and happy. Dr. Megan and Dr. Murray have been compassionate, caring professionals helping me make the best choices for my pets. I appreciate their support and their easy going personalities when it comes to discussing things with us. Dr. Megan specifically was a God send when I was struggling through a traumatic personal time and took care of me with empathy and compassion so I could make the best choices for my beloved dog. Love the team!

    Andrew Shaw
    June 04, 2022

    Over the last 15 years, the practice has taken care of three dogs and three cats from my household(s). They have always been the picture of kindness and compassion to our Fuzzy Partners. Most recently, Dr. Murray performed a remarkable surgery of Pity Scent. If you are lucky enough to already have a pet under their care, you know. If not, you might want to check it out, they are the best by far. Thank you for the love and kindness all of you have given the Creatures in your care.

    Angelita Edwards
    August 05, 2022

    I had to bring my dog Ralph in for a visit for his annual heart worm shot. The process was very easy and efficient. The nurse and front desk staff were very nice and professional. The office is always clean and smells clean. Thanks for being one of the best veterinarians in the area.

    Comply in the Nations Capitol
    July 20, 2022

    This has to be the hardest review I have ever posted. My wife took our Yorkshire Terrier, Sassy to Highway Veterinary Hospital on July 10, 2020 to follow-up on a recent diagnosis of a collapsed trachea. Sassy was coughing constantly with no relief. She was previously prescribed Terbutaline Sulfate, which was impossible to get since no vet pharmacy or human pharmacy carried this med. So my wife took Sassy in for a second opinion with Dr. James C. Peterson at Highway Veterinary Hospital. Due to covid-19 restrictions, my wife could not enter the facility while Sassy was being examined. Dr. Peterson performed x-rays and determined that Sassy's trachea is nearly closed, the collapse leaving mere millimeters for air to pass. Once my wife received the invoice, she noticed that x-ray that had to be repeated due to human error were charged to our account. We knew this because the actual film was listed as "retake". The wife brought this to Dr. Peterson's attention and he refused to remove the charge. We were charged for five xrays for one trachea on the same day. After the examination and xrays on July 10th, Dr. Peterson recommended we schedule a time to euthanize Sassy because the trachea was too far gone. Dr. Peterson advised us NOT to pursue trachea surgery as it would not extend Sassy's quality of living. Today, is January 14, 2021 and it's six months after Sassy's appointment with Dr. Peterson and Sassy is still here thriving. Sassy is no longer coughing and she is the picture of health. We took her to Dogs and Cats Vet Referral in Bowie and they stopped Sassy's coughing with opioids and cough suppressants. Within one month and now Sassy is on a herbal supplement (a sprinkle in her food) and she has not had a single cough in four months. To the moral of this story, is to be a staunch advocate for your pet and never allow anyone, including doctors, to decide euthanasia on the first visit with your pet. In fact, any vet who determines on the first visit that your pet should be put down is a quack in my book! UPDATE: July 2022 Sassy has undergone the removal of all her teeth and lo and behold her “collapsed trachea “ issue cleared up completely. All meds have been stopped. And no coughing in over a year. She is an aging but a happy dog two years after Highway Vet instructed us to euthanize her. She takes a .6 mile walk everyday and could not be better.

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