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14710 Main St, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA

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    Michelle Haughton
    September 08, 2022

    The first time, I ordered my meal for delivery through Grub Hub. The meal arrived before the scheduled time. Loved the mambo sauce with the wings. The second time I went in person to order my food. The staff was friendly. I enjoyed my honey garlic wings and grilled shrimp 😋

    I Am Sharon
    November 10, 2022

    This review is from January 29, 2020: Note: This was originally a review for another platform. The owner responded to that review and said the register had been replaced and that if a customer says they don't want their food fried hard, the chef is willing to accommodate them. Back to my Original Review: This truck can be found at lunchtime (Noon to 2 PM) at the corner of 6th and C Streets, SW in Washington DC each Wednesday. This area is typically flooded with food trucks, but this one always stands out, because of its clientele's steady demographic - African Americans (or Black Folks for those not politically correct!) It's not a Pho Junkies type of line that's multi cultural, diverse and LONG. No. It's a steady, loyal crew of black folks who patronize this truck each week. I had a taste for both fried chicken and shrimp, so I got the 5 chicken and 5 shrimp combo for approximately $12. To avoid a very lengthy review, here are my Pros and Cons on my recent experience with the "Crave It" Food truck: Pros: Value - For the price you pay, you get ample food. I didn't think I would finish my food and I was right. Seasoning: Another palette might likely disagree, but I found the food seasoned well. A conservative palette may find the food too salty. I am separating this distinguishing characteristic from Taste because I think it deserves to be called out given for me, the overall taste falls under my Cons list. Location: Unlike the other food trucks around the corner on 6th Street, these folks stand out, as they're usually the only truck on C Street. It parks across from the Starbucks, so no matter which direction you're coming from, it is right in the thick of things. Environmentally friendly: I love that this truck gives you paper bags, not plastic, and that straws are not an automatic given their adverse impact on the environment and our wild-life. This would have easily been a 2-star review, but their environmental consciousness raised it - whether intentional or not. Condiments: I am a sauce girl. "Crave It" had plenty types and they were not selfish or stingy with them. Cons: Taste: This hurts me, because I wanted to love "Crave It." However, I see why the demographic is consistently us and not very diverse (not to say no other cultural persuasion visits this food truck). The food is cooked/fried hard. H-A-R-D!! A perfect example of what I mean is the shrimp. The standard for shrimp are: Juicy and tender to the taste not tough and rubbery. When they're the latter, they're considered overcooked. Now, what's overcooked for one is perfectly cooked for another. So, I don't believe there is a right way to cook anything. It's about the palette and what people like. Our community is INFAMOUS for what other communities consider "overcooking" our food or "killing it twice." A lot of us like... No, love that. Not me. Not as of lately. Cleanliness/Hygiene: While the two male cooks had on plastic gloves while they cooked, the cashier did not. She didn't handle any food, no more than the sodas and handing the customer their bag. So, that's not the issue. The issue? As soon as you walk up to the window, there's a Square Register (popular cash register) that looks like it has never been wiped down since they got it. It. Is. Filthy. Layers of dirt, folks. I'm staring it down as I place my order and I almost cancelled, because I'm thinking if this register (see pics) is this nasty, what other hygiene issues are there? Call me Bourgeoisie, I don't care! But, first impressions are everything. As a customer, my view inside your business is quite limited. For what I can see, make sure it's clean and as presentable as it can be. Geesh! Will I be back? I doubt it. Maybe I'll try again and just ask that my food not be cooked so hard and so long. We'll see.

    September 30, 2022

    Bomb! 💣 I finally tried them and so glad I did. Friendly customer service. Good prices and food to match! I had chicken/fish combo honey garlic wings, fish and hush puppies. Best hush puppies I've had in a while! My second visit was just as good as the first.

    September 17, 2022

    I would give this place a 6/5 if i could. Its amazing! Loved the Shrimp Po Boy! Amazing atmosphere. I'm not from here but anytime I'm near here, I will be taking a visit!

    Tara Heinrich
    March 26, 2022

    Mmm! We have been on the search for the best crab fries in the area, and these are by FAR the best I have had. The crab is juicy and the sauce is AMAZING! Portion is filling and the price is great for the quality. I HIGHLY recommend ordering double meat and sauce… spoil yourself, you deserve it.. I promise it is so worth it! 🤤

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