6 Top Social Media Tips

2 July 2020

Let’s face it. Every customer you could ever want is online right now. People are looking to be engaged, and the quickest most effective way to do that is social media.

Nestled amongst pictures of someone’s baby or throwbacks to a trip to the mainland, is your business’ social media post. How can you compete with a video of a dog doing a backflip?

What’s even more interesting is only 12% of followers see your social media posts. If you aren’t posting twice a day at least, you could be losing fading from your client’s thoughts.

However, there are many ways that you can use social media to your greatest advantage without having to slave over content, copy, and navigating ads.

Here are six tips that we found most effective in boosting your business’ social media!

1. Create Exclusive Content. 

A great example of this in Prince George’s County, especially right now, is leaning into the resident, making a customer feel like what you are giving them is exclusive and limited will likely create a return.

2. Facebook is Your Biggest Ally. 

Recent studies found that in 2020, Facebook is the most marketable platform for businesses. With an advanced ad system and post boosting software, you can target those prospects that will most likely convert into profit for your business.

3. Lean Into Groups.

This goes back to that exclusivity factor. Joining social media groups instantly puts you in contact with people in your niche, those who would be most interested in the product or service you have to offer. Nurturing your relationships in these groups can create lasting and recurring revenue for your business.

4. Listen and Respond!

This is crucial. Making sure that you actually listen and respond to your customers across social media gives them a face behind the brand. Even in small business people can feel alienated if they feel like a company doesn’t speak to them on a human level, or only sees them as a sale. A recent study found that “Social Listening” is the #1 social media tactic for marketing your business. In fact, 48 percent of people surveyed said that being responsive will encourage them to buy.

5. Deals, Deals, Deals.

Did you know that promotions can create the biggest chance at recurring revenue for your business. In fact, 46 percent of people surveyed said they would be likelier to buy your product or service if you offer them a promotional deal. Their website and Facebook group has seen a large engagement in bringing customers to local businesses through advertising their deals and discount specials.

6. Be Active!

An active social media is crucial to your business’ success across every platform. Many social media companies promote consistency; consistent posting, consistent engaging with your audience, consistent updating. Many of these platforms have algorithms that hide posts from inactive or inconsistent profiles and promote those who are constantly engaged.

Navigating digital spaces, specifically social media can be hard for small businesses. Many local businesses across the state of Maryland should lean on social media now more than ever. Traditional marketing and advertising strategies will not be as effective in this new economy, but now more than ever people are online.


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