3 Simple Ways You Can Support Your Employees

2 July 2020

Small businesses make up not only 99 percent of all businesses in Maryland, but they employ 52.1 percent of all residents. It’s no wonder that across the state there is such a strong loyalty between the community and shopping local.

Each small business represents a collaborative and mighty team, where each member wears various different hats in order to make sure everyone is successful. You’ll even find this here at Boss Business Local. Our team of three is constantly working to ensure we do right by our local business community.

The backbone of small business are the employees. However, many small business owners right now are wondering: “how can I best take care of them?”

 Here are 3 easy ways you can support your work family at this time:

  1. Clear and Consistent Communication: If your employees don’t know the status of their employment, or the future of that employment, they might try and find work elsewhere. However, with consistent communication, your employees will feel safer and more coherent about their future with your company.
  2. Providing Them With Economic Resources: Being available to your employees to aid them with filing for different unemployment benefits or grants depending on your industry creates trust. This will be reflected with loyalty towards your business.
  3. Showing You Genuinely Care About Their Wellbeing: making sure that you have all the proper safety in place and aren’t rushing into reopening will demonstrate your loyalty back to your employees. This can also be shown through that consistent communication.

The Boss Business Local Initiative being a small local operation ourselves, we understand how important all these things are to not only making sure that we are successful in what we do, but that we act as a team.

Our loyalty to each other ensures that we can serve you and your business’ needs with the utmost quality and dedication.


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